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Unfortunately, I’ve lost the code to this during my move from one provider to another. The gallery tutorial here was meant for WordPress 2.5 and is no longer relevant anyways. Thanks for all the comments n it though!

15 thoughts on “WordPress Gallery tutorial

  1. Hello my friend!
    Now I am finally done with my own galleries, or actually they have been done locally for a while, but after having some problems with my webhost, I haven’t been able to upload the new stuff until now.

    The guide worked out perfectly for me, accept for one little thing. I had a problem with this line:

    preg_match("/.*(/wp-content/uploads/S+.S+)/", $img_url, $matches);

    which I had to replace with:
    preg_match("#.*(/wp-content/uploads/S+.S+)#", $img_url, $matches);

    Since it otherwise interpreted the next / wrong. Don’t ask me why, I found the solution by googling, but I guess maybe you know the answer anyway… :)

    I also have a request:
    The images on the “show full (medium) image-page” links to the next image when you click it. So far perfect! The problem is, when you come to the last image, it would be great if it could start from the beginning again, instead of just jumping to the previous image. This maybe isn’t such a big problem, but if you manually change the order the photos should be displayed, so that the last attached image (highest attachment id) maybe ends up somewhere in the middle, it doesn’t work anymore, since you won’t come to the next photo from there. I hope you understand what I mean!

    Anyway, if you want to check out the result, go to jensfilipsson.com/category/photo-album/

    Thanks for your help, a great guide this, a great guide indeed!

    // Jens.

  2. Hello, I am trying to implement this photo gallery style into my blog, however it’s not going to work without a fight… None of the Exif data works, and the image is showing the very large original… I was wondering if you could help me. I’ll send you my website link upon your reply, thanks.

  3. Hello, Just notice your site was back online and decided to tackle this gallery again, I have like hundreds of images from years past of events, bikes, crowds and things for a client. The actual website the gallery needs to work on is http://www.wharfratrally.ca, however my test site is http://www.crazy-drew.com/wordpress/, This is where I need to get the gallery working before I move it to the other site. I have created the files needed, but something just isn’t working right. I can create an account for you on both website which would have access to modify things. I hope your willing, trustworthy..lol and able to help me! Many thanks in advanced!

    • Hey Phil,

      Yeah, this tutorial was created almost a year ago when the gallery feature came out – back then Matt didn’t have the tagging stuff up on his site. It’d be a fun project to add that though! I’m not sure what you mean when you say the galleries aren’t implemented into the search – I can search for certain words and if the gallery post has that information – it comes up. Unless I actually had tagging information like Matt’s site, I’m not sure what information there is to search on.

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